How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bites With a Glue Stick

It seems as if everyone gets mosquito bites these summers. They are quite inevitable. The bite itself isn’t even the worst part, it’s the irritable scratching and mosquito bite swelling that happens due to a natural human allergy to the anti-clotting liquid they inject when the chomp down.

how to get rid of mosquito bites

People usually wonder how to get rid of bug bites or how to get rid of mosquito bites easily. Well, there are different cures and remedies to rid of a bug bite, more specifically a mosquito bite, but one that is very interesting is using a glue stick.

Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites

Just take any average old glue stick and rub the messy compound onto your bite. This seems to be a spectacular trick for mom as they can carry a stick around in their purse and apply it to their children whenever needed.

Everyone has access to these sticks, and they are much cheaper than the marketed “Itch sticks”.


They work really well and are a great source to get rid of mosquito bites easily and effectively. They work pretty well in the case of gnat bites as well.

Other ways get rid of gnat bites and mosquito bites

Some people use nail polish, as it works wonders also. The itch will go away in 15 minutes due to the lack of oxygen that the seal creates. Without an itch, there is less chance of an infection and that is a great reason to use it!

nail polish for mosquito bites
Heat can also be used to denature the protein found in the anti-coagulant that the mosquito injects. Some say that even getting a sunburn will render all mosquito bites un-itchable. If there are multiple bug bites that need remedied, try taking a hot shower as this can reduce the swelling effects and stop the urge to scratch.

elmers glue

Glue sticks only cost a few bucks, so they’re a fairly cheap to purchase and their tiny size makes them easy to travel with. I recommend Elmer’s glue, but any variety of brand will work fine. There are tons of alternative methods to get rid of a mosquito bite, but using a glue stick seems to be the most practical and easiest.

See, many glue sticks contains a group of polymers that allow the glue to adhere to your skin without causing any irritation. That’s another thing to look out for: make sure that the substance doesn’t irritate or cause any allergic reactions to the patient.

Always remember that mosquito bites can be dangerous, but an allergic reaction from a technique used to remove a bug bite can be even more dangerous. Also, glue doesn’t dry until air hits it, so make sure not to go swimming or be around open water when applying the glue stick to ensure that it effectively will reduce the swelling. Good luck with itching your bug bites!